What if Commander Shepard doesn’t return from the Omega-4 Relay? What if the Collectors are stopped, but at the cost of her life and the lives of most of her squad? How will the galaxy face what’s coming? What role will the PC’s play?

This game starts, chronologically, shortly after the conclusion of Mass Effect 2, and some months prior to the beginning of Mass Effect 3.

Some OOC setting assumptions:

  • Shepard was female (because, let’s face it, Jennifer Hale’s version was just better)
  • Shepard spared the Rachni queen on Noveria
  • Shepard saved Wrex on Vermire and sacrificed Ashley Williams
  • Shepard sacrificed the Council at the end of ME1, and elevated Udina
  • Shepard destroyed the Alpha-relay and the Batarian colony on Aratoht to stop the Reaper invasion
  • Shepard sent Mordin to escort the crew rescued from the Collector base back to the ship
  • A badly-damaged Normandy returned without Shepard or most of her squad (but with Mordin and the rescued crew, and perhaps a few stragglers to-be-determined). Joker gave himself and the ship up to the Alliance and reported Shepard’s sacrifice and the destruction of the Collector base.
  • Without a living Shepard to create an ongoing diplomatic incident with the Batarians, Councilor Udina is able to elevate the second human SPECTRE, Kaidan Alenko, some months earlier than otherwise. The Normandy SR2 is being refitted for SPECTRE Alenko.


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