Special Moves

Special Moves are customized game mechanics that your character either gets for free under certain circumstances or are rare enough that they’re not available for general purchase. Every character starts with one free Special Move that reflects their motivation and personality.

Movitavion Special Move
Alongside saving the galaxy, every character in the Mass Effect games has personal motivation, a reason to fight, a reason to live.

Once you have thought about the questions for developing your Persona, develop a set of motivations for your character and tell the GM. He will then assign you a Special Move that takes at least some of those motivations into account. Below are some examples:

  • Self-Sacrifice: When you put your sister’s needs above your own mark experience.
  • Searching for Love: When you have meaningful intimacy with someone, not just a one-night stand, their Hx with you goes immediately to +3, and they choose whether to give you +1 or -1 to your Hx with them.
  • Revenge: When you find someone working for your piece of shit father take +1ongoing against them until either they’re dead or you’ve got whatever you want from them.

Your motivation Special Move can change in the course of game-play if you and the GM agree that your character has changed sufficiently such that they have significantly different motivations.

Other Special Moves
There are, of course, other instances when the GM may reward you (or inflict upon you) a Special Move or he may make it available to purchase with the “invent your own move, subject to GM approval, or +1 Move from any list” Advance.

Sample Special Moves

Special Moves

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