"Where Are They Now" - Tyler Maddox

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“Where Are They Now” – Tyler Maddox
Khalisah Bint Sinan al-Jilani – Correspondent

A few years ago, a dashing young male model named Tyler Maddox rocketed from poverty and obscurity to flash his chiseled physique to billions of humans and aliens across the galaxy. To those whose sexual preferences went towards human men, his washboard stomach and masculine form appealed. To others, the wry confidence he radiated from the interactive advertisements encouraged empathy and a desire to identify with him (and buy the underwear he was modelling). Back then, Westerlund News interviewed his agent, Carol Sharpe, who had glowing words about Maddox’s future, and even dropped hints that some big studios were sniffing around him for a potential acting career.

Where is Tyler Maddox now?

The story, sadly, does not have a happy ending. After an ill-advised “marketing” trip to Omega, Maddox and a number of other hot young celebrities got themselves into trouble with the station’s notorious gangs. While all of them survived, not all of them returned to Earth. I contacted Ruby Wednesday, the model-turned-actress who was once rumored to have been dating Maddox, to get the inside story. She was kind enough to take a break from filming on her new film Blasto VI: Partners in Crime to speak with me.

“I don’t know what it was about Omega that appealed to Tyler,” she said via extranet live-chat. “The place was grimy, full of thugs. There were more armed Batarians than I thought any reasonable station would permit. And the Vorcha… ugh. The things were everywhere. But Tyler, well, it was like he just walked into the coolest private club in the galaxy. We talked our way into Afterlife, which was apparently the Place to Be on that shithole of a station, and were almost immediately targeted by some gang. They tried to slip something in my drink at first, and then just took to trying to shake us all down or something. It was really scary. I thought we’d all end up as Batarian slaves, or dead, or worse! I gotta say, Tyler really came through for us there. It was like he spoke their language or something. He even disarmed this one Turian thug before he could hold a gun to Striker’s head. Things were looking ugly when the station’s boss, Aria, showed up and kicked the thugs out. I couldn’t get off that station fast enough, and I know the rest of the group agreed… except for Tyler. He stayed. I begged with him to come back with us, but he just refused.”

I asked her if she had any idea why he might have wanted to throw away a lucrative career in the public eye to live in a dingy backwater.

“I can’t really say. He had the weirdest look in his eye, like he was… I dunno, really alive. I think he’s one of those adrenaline junkies or something, likes to feel like his life is always in danger. He can’t just relax and enjoy the good things. Occasionally my social-media VI pings me. Apparently he’s a mercenary now or something.”

A mercenary indeed. According to sources, Maddox became a mercenary working for Aria T’Loak. After learning the ropes, however, he didn’t join one of the quasi-respectable “personal security companies,” instead he has been seen in the company of all sorts of mixed aliens, usually bringing harm or even death to his fellow humans.

Most recently, Maddox was seen playing bodyguard to a well-known volus financier on Bekenstein. When the Alliance sent marines in to secure some sensitive data, however, Maddox abandoned his supposed charge to fling himself into violent conflict with our men and women in blue, injuring a half-dozen and killing one. The whole bodyguard thing was apparently a ruse so he could get into the estate-sale of noted Bekenstein entrepreneur Donovan Hock, and his violent charge into battle with Alliance soldiers was apparently in support of a small force of mercenaries loyal to the mysterious alien “Shadow Broker.”

Is Maddox in the pocket of the Broker or is this just one more example of what must be many betrayals? We can only speculate. What does seem clear, however, is that Tyler’s addiction to danger, his death-wish, can only end in one way.

"Where Are They Now" - Tyler Maddox

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