[Note, this game has concluded. The sequel campaign has started: Mass Effect Rebirth

Mass Effect – Apocalypse

An Apocalypse World Game

It is late in the year 2186 and the galaxy is at war.

Nearly three years ago, the rogue SPECTRE Saren and the Geth attacked the Citadel with a unique Geth warship known as Sovereign. The first Human SPECTRE, Commander Shepard, defeated Saren and sacrificed the Citadel Council to give the Alliance navy a chance at destroying Sovereign, which it did successfully. Shortly thereafter, while patrolling the borders of Geth space, Commander Shepard was killed when her ship, the SSV Normandy, was shot down by an unknown vessel.

Less than a year ago, reports surfaced that Shepard was alive and working for the terrorist organization known as Cerberus. These sightings coincided with mass abductions by human colonists in Terminus space and culminated in “Shepard’s” destruction of the Alpha relay, destroying the Batarian colony on Aratoht. Sightings of “Shepard” cease shortly thereafter, as do the colony abductions. The Alliance Navy’s official position is that this “Shepard” was nothing more than a Cerberus PR and recruitment hoax whose final act was an attempt to incite a war with the Batarians. The Batarian Hegemony reluctantly accepted this story.

For a while, things were peaceful in the Galaxy, a peace maintained in part by the careful, clandestine acts of the Shadow Broker, the head of the galaxy’s premier information network. The Broker sells secrets to all, but always manages to ensure that no one faction or species prevails. Sometimes, however, that insurance requires direct action. You are part of a Shadow Broker “wet squad.” You never know when the Broker may call, or what he may have you do, but you are always ready.

And now, the “Reapers” that Shepard tried to warn us about are here.

Mass Effect - Apocalypse

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