Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Covert Operations

Atropos Cell - The Citadel / Indris System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


We returned Dr. T’Soni to the Citadel so she could make the necessary contacts with Alliance officers for access to Mars. In that time, I opted to attempt to prepare the Turian military for potential Reaper attack through personal contacts. I am not confident that it will go anywhere, but the attempt was made. Upon our departure once more, Dr. T’Soni brought a new medical doctor aboard, Dr. Karin Chakwas. Apparently she was the chief medical officer aboard both Normandies, and was brought aboard to take over the care of Catherine Shepard.

We journeyed to the nearby Bekenstein system where Dr. T’Soni revealed the “gift” she had alluded to previously, namely a prototype Asari stealth frigate named the Twilight.


She seemed quite proud of herself for procuring it. It would seem our efforts in reuniting her with her father, Matriarch Aethyta, bore fruit. The matriarch pulled some strings. Dr. T’Soni indicated that this ship was to become ours, while she takes the Reluctant to Mars.

The ship comes with some strings, however. The Asari Republics didn’t want to let their prototype go without some oversight, and so they assigned an asari junior diplomat named Thesalia Kyrathis as “XO” of the ship. Dr. T’Soni was also proud of the fact that she had covertly arranged for that particular diplomat to be assigned, as Thesalia is, apparently, one of your covert agents. It was apparent to me, however, that Thesalia is fundamentally inexperienced in combat situations. Operative Sebastian Murphy and I agreed that we should ensure that the military chain of command, at least in combat, should bypass her entirely.

Of the former crew of the Reluctant, we transferred with us our medic, Iris Krayt, and our chef and security officer Ganar Snarle. We then spent some time putting the ship through its paces and getting to know the new crew.

Dr. T’Soni briefed us on our new mission, for which a stealth frigate would appear to be appropriate. We are to follow up on Operation Dispater, finding a way to infiltrate Batarian space, locate the research facility where the Leviathan of Dis is being studied, and to procure any and all data we can on it. The Batarians are the only species to have spent the last fifteen years studying a Reaper, and this represents, apparently, the best opportunity to learn something about the enemy.

She gave us a lead, a wanted Batarian terrorist and Commander in the Batarian External Forces (their intelligence branch), Ka’hairal Balak. We are approaching the coordinates that Balak sent to your network. I hope his claim to have Batarian state secrets to sell is genuine and not some sort of elaborate terrorist ploy.

Dariserix Bahktian



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