Mass Effect - Apocalypse


Lachesis Cell - Taetrus / Menae / Illium

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Supplement to Oral Report Transmitted via Broker Agent Feron, Alingon

  • Fought our way to the University of Spaedar’s coliseum. Observed General Gaius Corinthus and a depleted squad engaged in fighting retreat from a horde of thousands of Reaper-converted civilians.
  • Called Operative Prasi Ptychokota to extract us in shuttle, fought cover-action to give the General space to escape.
  • Encountered new Reaper-converted phenotype:
    Me3 brute
  • Appears to be Turian/Krogan hybrid creature. Extremely resilient in combat, devastating in close quarters. Nearly lost Operative Tessara Eris
  • Successfully extracted General Corinthus back to Primarch Valen’s position, then extracted both assets to General Adrien Victus. We then removed all three assets from Taetrus.
  • Currently hiding in the Mactare system awaiting Turian counter-attack. This written report a supplement to oral report via QEC.

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Transmitted via Broker Agent Feron, Alingon

  • Reapers attacked through the Mactare relay before the Turian fleet could advance. Devastated fleet, invaded Trebia system, directly attacked Palaven.
  • Utilized stealth systems to bring our Generals and the Taetrian Primarch to Palaven’s moon, Menae.
  • Included is ship’s system summary of all necessary Turian military codes provided to permit us to land. Menae top-secret status confirmed. Presence of the Primarch of Palaven, Primarch Fedorian, also confirmed.
  • While awaiting further orders, pursuing personal matter for Operative Weyrloc Braga on Illium. If further orders forthcoming, should be available via Agent Nyxeris. Dossier on Illium-based Krogan Clan Thax may be useful. Braga already inquiring via Nyxeris.



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