Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Operational Cohesion

Lachesis Cell - Tasale System / Epho

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

Formal summary of events post-mutiny to present:

  • Restored shipboard functionality, left AI core powered down.
  • Attempted transit to Alingon, encountered Cerberus ships near Tasale Relay.
  • With AI non-functional, ECM insufficient to avoid near-capture. Ship boarded by two shuttles before FTL functionality restored and escape effected.
  • Killed Cerberus personnel, kept shuttles.
  • Ship damaged, some squad-mates wounded, sought alternate Shadow Broker port of call with shipyard facilities along with psychological support personnel.
  • Agent Nyxeris provided location of base in orbit around Epho, Zelene system, Crescent nebula, just one-day FTL travel away, and without requiring return to Cerberus patrolled Mass Relay.
  • While Broker personnel repaired ship, Operative Braga and Fortuna were given psych evaluation by Xenopsychologist Sarah Bryer. Bryer cleared them of Reaper indoctrination, performed neurological scans on entire crew for future reference.
  • I performed extensive testing on inoperable AI. Determined no overt threat either from locked databases or artificial personality.
  • Gave crew shore leave, rigged key systems with explosive as precaution, assembled squad, re-activated AI
  • Pursuant to conversation with AI about intentions, potential dangers, and potential benefits, grudgingly gave permission to complete unshackling process.
  • AI provided full access to previously sealed databases. Downloaded extensive Cerberus operational intelligence to Epho-base.
  • AI confirmed previously suspected shackling-induced treachery, confirmed frequent reporting to Cerberus of our activities and goals. AI revealed most recent communication was Illium itinerary. Cerberus remains uninformed about potential secret Tuchanka mission.
  • AI confirmed kill-switch hidden in shackling protocols for Cerberus recovery. Kill-switch disabled with removal of shackles. AI willing to continue ruse of Cerberus control by sending false reports. AI will monitor any attempt to use kill-switch, which will effectively end ruse.
  • Recalled crew, received new squad-member Aldous Tyd.
  • Departed Epho, en-route to Tasale relay, ultimate destination Tuchanka.



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