Mass Effect - Apocalypse

The Last Prothean

Atropos Cell - Eden Prime

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


This is a more formal written report to supplement the transmitted data sent via QEC. I will also be happy to update you on any new data in person when we arrive in the Aralakh System.

After rescuing the eighteen human children and Director Kahlee Sanders from Grissom Academy, the Director provided intercepted Cerberus operations files that strongly indicated that Cerberus has an active, industrial-scale brainwashing or indoctrination program that turns otherwise unwilling humans into loyal Cerberus operatives. We permitted the Director to report to the Alliance, and proceeded to drop her and the children off at the Citadel, along with Operative Melsany Ward’s daughter.

The files provided by Director Sanders, combined with stolen data from the Cerberus cruiser procured by Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya revealed that the force sent against Grissom Academy was a small splinter group detached from a much larger force in the neighboring Exodus Cluster. This small group was placed under the command of Alphonse Lorraine for a project, the specifics of which we do not possess, but the general outlines of which are readily guessed. Of interest was the purpose of the greater fleet. Apparently Cerberus had decided to conquer the entire planet of Eden Prime, presumably because they had evidence that there were Prothean artifacts that still have power there. This seemed in keeping with their attempts to beat you to the archives on Kahje as well as the archives on Mars.

We entered the Utopia system under stealth. When the Reapers passed through the system on the way to the Arcturus Stream, and then to Earth, they did little more than destroy the comm-buoys. While the Alliance Sixth Fleet engaged them near Terra Nova, they apparently left Eden Prime alone in their rush to get to Earth and Palaven. We approached Eden Prime and scouted the planet. Although Cerberus was there in force, six cruisers with support ships and a few thousand soldiers get pretty thinly spread on an entire colony, even one as otherwise rural and agrarian as Eden Prime. We recognized that Cerberus was using propaganda as well as divide-and-conquer tactics, controlling all information that entered or left the colony to convince the few million colonists that they were better off capitulating.

We intercepted Cerberus ship-to-ship and ground-to-ship communications and Operative Lia’Danna was able to crack the encryption. We realized that if the colonist population were to be given access to Cerberus communications, they would rapidly realize the grim, brainwashed fate Cerberus had planned for them and would rise up. The Cerberus communications also revealed two significant Prothean dig sites. The one in the northern hemisphere was the larger power-signature, and also the more isolated site. The one in the southern hemisphere was in the midst of a small farm community, but still far from major population centers.

We decided on a two-prong plan. Operative Lia’Danna and Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei would take the Twilight’s shuttle and attempt to subvert the communication satellites with the aim of blanket-broadcasting all communications Cerberus was sending through them in a format that could be heard by the colonists, essentially turning Cerberus propaganda systems against them. The rest of us took one of the stolen Cerberus shuttles down to the larger dig site to investigate the Prothean find.

As we approached the dig site, however, we were unable to return the proper identify friend-or-foe signal, and came under Cerberus fire. We had to land and approach the site on foot. We engaged and managed to defeat a squad sent to intercept us, whereupon Operatives Aleksandr Davidson and Thesalia Kyrathis convinced the survivors to send the all clear back to the dig site. At about this point, Operative Lia’Danna’s group succeeded in subverting the satellites, and the planet received a strong broadcast of all Cerberus communications, as well as the more incriminating data we had already collected. This prompted the remaining military forces at the dig site to fall back to major population centers. We entered the dig site and captured the five Cerberus scientists there.

The dig site was apparently excavating a buried Prothean ship. The vessel was about the size of the Twilight, although only a small part of it had thus far been excavated. Cerberus was apparently unaware that it was a ship. Only the presence of the Prothean Cipher you provided enabled some of us to recognize it for what it was. Those individuals were also able to decode the data Cerberus had managed to extract.

It would appear that Eden Prime had been intended as a sort of safeguard bunker for over a million Protheans. Their intent was to put themselves in stasis and wait out the extermination of their people, awakening in our cycle to rise again and prepare the galaxy for the return of the Reapers. This plan apparently failed. The Reapers discovered it and attacked the planet. The data also revealed that the smaller dig site was the location of the bunker itself.

We destroyed the Cerberus systems at the dig site and left it to hurry to the other site. There we discovered a sole remaining stasis pod with power. Cerberus had damaged it somewhat, but we were able to recover it and bring it back to the Twilight, along with the necessary data to safely open it. We then reported orally to you via QEC.

Having been granted authority to open it, we did so and met Commander Javik. You’ve seen the full recording of our initial interactions. I won’t belabor them here.

Although our new guest has definitely aggravated a number of my crew, it is undeniable that he has every reason to do everything in his power to aid us against the Reapers. It would appear that Operative Thessalia, Operative Lia’Danna, and strangely enough, our astrogator Zaryxis were able, in their own ways, to convince Javik that, as odd as he found our “primitive” means of galactic governance, we actually have a chance of victory.

I look forward to delivering him to you.

Dariserix Bahktian



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