Free Trader, Captain of the Nebula


Aleena is an Asari who is drawing close to her Matriarch years. Most people don’t guess she’s that old, as she continues to pull off an air of dashing space pirate more typical of an Asari half her age. The roguish facade is, however, helped immensely by the confidence and experience only age can bring.


Aleena travels the galaxy as the captain of the Nebula, a retrofitted yacht under her personal ownership. Aleena takes on charters of numerous sorts: passengers needing an irregular voyage, small cargo runs of special import, and—on rare occasions—carting a young human adventurer named Sebastian Murphy across the galaxy to pay him off for rescuing her sister from Batarian slavers.

Aleena is pretty successful as an independent charter ship captain. Her experience went a long way to helping Sebastian learn to navigate the galaxy’s dangers. She taught him how to do his homework and research on a prospective job before getting in too deep.

The Nebula is a comfortable ship, though it’s not the posh and luxurious yacht it once was. As one might expect, the ship has something of a checkered past. Not all of the Nebula’s runs are entirely safe or completely legal, but the ship is outfitted for all sorts of purposes.


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