Dr. Anneliese "Ann" Bryson



Dr. Bryson was drinking at Purgatory when she met the dashing mercenary Tyler Maddox. They got drunk together and she said, probably, a bit too much about her work. As the stumbled to a cab to go back to her place, the cab was diverted by Tyler’s enemies. They let her go. Tyler showed up at her place a few hours later full of apologies, but there’s something remarkably sobering about having a bunch of Batarians aim assault rifles at you.

It took Tyler a few days to convince her to give him a second chance, but they eventually developed a part-sexual, part-professional relationship. They each saw the other as a valuable resource to cultivate, and they began collaboration on the subject of the “Reapers.”

Tyler, however, soon left to help Aria T’Loak retake Omega, and Dr. Bryson left to pursue leads for Task Force Aurora in the far flung reaches of the galaxy.

Atropos Cell rescued her from the distant planet of Namakli, where Collectors were assaulting her dig site. They told her the unfortunate news of her father’s death, as well as news of the Reaper invasion. This solidified her zeal to track down the “Leviathan” who, she believed, was responsible for killing her father. With Atropos Cell’s help, she succeeded.

Dr. Anneliese "Ann" Bryson

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