Ilena Davidson

Xeno-Botanist for Task Force Aurora


Ilena Davidson is in her late twenties. She has a boundless curiosity.


Ilena Davidson is Aleksandr Davidson’s younger sister. He discovered that she is a xeno-botanist working for the top secret Alliance Task Force Aurora. He arranged to meet her via the Task Force’s leader, Dr. Garret Bryson. She seemed nervous to see her brother after more than twenty years, and ultimately revealed that she had been contacted by a SPECTRE some years before indicating that if Aleksandr ever contacted her, she was to bring him to the SPECTRE.

This prompted a showdown between Atropos Cell and SPECTRE Miilana Varon.

Ilena feels badly about what she perceives as a betrayal of her brother, but they appear to have overcome this bump. She clearly enjoys her work, which includes experimentation on Thorian spores and data on creepers.

Ilena was the one who gave Atropos Cell the leads on tracking down Dr. Ann Bryson in their search for the “Leviathan.” She held down temporary leadership of Task Force Aurora after the death of Dr. Garret Bryson and orchestrated its successful conclusion.

Ilena Davidson

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