Saelan Corl

I Held the Line For Them... Until They Crossed It.


Salarian Engineer

Cool: +1
Hard: +1
Hot: -1
Sharp: +3
Will: +1

Species Move:
Whenever a Salarian Reads a Charged Situation, take +2 instead of +1 when acting on the GM’s answers.

Non-Linear Thinking: Whenever a non-Salarian seeks to Read a Person on you, they must spend twice as much hold to gain information about you. Whenever you Read a Person on another Salarian, you get +1 hold.

Class Moves:
Combat Drone:
When you Summon a Holographic Combat Drone to help you in battle, Roll +Sharp. On a 10 +, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. You may spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Provide covering fire for you. The drone counts as having rolled a 10 + to keep you from coming under concentrated fire.
  • Create an opportunity. The drone creates an opportunity for you to follow through.
  • Take the hit. The drone takes an attack meant for you. You suffer no harm, but the drone is destroyed. Lose all remaining hold.

When you Sabotage a piece of technology being wielded against you in battle, Roll +Sharp. On a hit, it breaks and is non-functional for the rest of the battle. On a 10 +, it does 1-harm to the wielder.

When you Sabotage a synthetic NPC in battle, roll +Sharp. On a 10 +, hold 3, on a 7-9, hold 2. At any time, spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Make them fight on your behalf. If in battle, this lasts for 1 tick.
  • Make them defend you. They take all harm from an attack meant for you.
  • Make them die. They take 1 harm per hold spent (ap, ignore shields/barriers)

Personal Moves:
You are skilled with your hands and can fix, repair, or build pretty much anything. You have a dedicated workspace for larger projects and an ability to repair things on the fly.

Workspace: Cargo hold with high-tech gadgets and machining tools.

When you Go into your Workspace and dedicate yourself to making a thing, or to getting to the bottom of something technological, decide what you’re doing and tell the GM. The GM will tell you “Sure, no problem, but…” and then 1 to 4 of the following:

  • It’s going to take hours/days/weeks/months of work
  • First you’ll have to get/build/fix/figure out (something)
  • You’re going to need (someone) to help you with it
  • It’s going to cost you a ton of credits
  • The best you’ll be able to do is a crap version, weak and unreliable
  • It’s going to mean exposing yourself and colleagues to serious danger
  • You’re going to have to add (something) to your workspace first
  • It’s going to take several/dozens/hundreds of tries
  • You’re going to have to take (something) apart to do it

The GM might connect them all with “and” or might throw in a merciful “or.” Once you’ve accomplished the necessaries, you can go ahead and accomplish the thing itself.

Field Repair: When you try to Keep a Piece of Tech From Falling Apart, roll +Sharp. On a 10 +, the machine can ignore 3 of the harm it has thus far taken. On a 7-9, the machine can ignore 2 of the harm it has taken. On a miss, you may well have made things worse. Note that this does not permanently repair the machine (that requires the workspace above) but does permit it to survive long enough to get the job done.

When you seek to subvert a computer system that doesn’t belong to you or bypass electronic security measures, roll +Sharp. On a 10 +, all 3. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a miss, choose 1 anyway.

  • You get into the system or past the security
  • You don’t alert anyone to your intrusion
  • You don’t permanently damage something important

Special Move:
When you create an innovative technological solution to a problem, even if some other solution would be more efficient or convenient, and you manage to deploy it to good effect, mark experience. If you have created such a solution, but are forced by circumstance or your team-mates to do things another way, you must act under fire to go along with this clearly inferior plan.

Starting Equipment:

  • M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud)
  • Nexus Omni-Tool
  • Light Combat Armor with Shield Generator (1-armor, 2-shield)

Saelan Corl, like many of the brightest Salarian minds of his time, once served proudly in the STG. That affiliation ended shortly after the debacle at Virmire, wherein Captain Kirrahe sacrificed a number of his men in Aegohr Team in order to support the Spectre Jane Shepard in her attack on a Krogan breeding facility. Saelan was among the men dissenting with the Spectre’s “by any means necessary” approach which ultimately guided Kirrahe’s tactical decisions in the conflict, but, as a good soldier, took his commander’s inspirational speech to heart and watched as many good Salarians fell that day. Unfortunately, Saelan’s mistrust of Shepard’s principles and objectives was proven well-founded when the Spectre yet again decided to sacrifice the Citadel Council in order to further her species’ own political gain, once again under the guise of saving civilization as she knew it. What galled Saelan to no end, however, was the manner in which the new Citadel Council was so cowed by humanity’s rapid ascent to significance as to not punish the Spectre’s actions. Frustrated by the rigidity of the STG’s military hierarchy, Saelon resigned his post and entered into the employ of the Shadow Broker.

Saelan has a deep-seeded distrust of humans, who he feels seem to compensate for what they perceive to be shortened lives (yet nowhere near as short as a Salarian’s) by thrashing about in destructive fashion. Saelan has recently taken on work with the Shadow Broker, whose influence he hopes can curb humanity’s lust for power while also providing him access to the same sorts of exploratory thrills that the STG used to provide. The young engineer has always been an ingenious mechanical mind and has also shown incredible promise at computer programming, skills which his former employers were happy to foster. He is known to spend much time in his cargo hold, cursing at a subservient Kirrahe VI which constantly implores him to “hold the line” while it powers up the next automation station or, at the least, warms his coffee.

Ultimately, however, Saelan is a creative idealist. He has a short time to create beautiful things in his lab and leave a legacy to the universe. He’d like nothing more than for the constant rumors of war to be put to rest, so that creation can go about what it should do best — improving on itself. His current employer seems to have that goal in mind. The Broker is careful and methodical, always moving with purpose, just like Saelan’s creations. Saelan can respect that, particularly since that respect, with a little labor on the side, is rewarded with sufficient credits and resources to continue his work.


Most of Aegohr Team died in the assault on Virmire, but one particularly effective Infiltrator, Ladron, was responsible for dragging Saelan to safety after he was knocked unconscious attempting to hack past the security protocols on Doctor Droyas’ research logs before the station blew. Saelan and Ladron have had many conversations over a beer at the Citadel since, him cursing Shepard’s role in the deaths of their squadmates and the failure to gain further intelligence from the base, her silently taking in his recriminations and occasionally offering terse, but insightful commentary. Ladron is still an active STG operative and doesn’t share Saelan’s disillusionment in working through conventional means, but she’s sympathetic and has been known to turn up where possible to check in on Saelan and offer him companionship and, covertly, some assistance where she can.

Saelan has, however, been persona non grata at the Citadel for several months now. One of Captain Bailey’s most trusted Lieutenants, a human by the name of Darvin Maddox, caught wind of several illegal hacks and surveillance rigs that Saelan had put in place while operating on a personal mission. Maddox has since seen to issuing a C-Sec warrant for Saelan’s arrest, making travel in and around one of the most important hubs of the galaxy extremely difficult for Corl. Saelan harbors a deep resentment for Maddox, who is known for being extremely smooth-talking, good-looking, and an absolutely deadly shot, and their lone confrontation before Corl fled Citadel space was one which left the Salarian in a Shadow Broker med-bay for weeks thereafter.

Saelan Corl’s clutchmates were, largely, unremarkable and so it was that the young Corl was viewed as the prodigy of his litter. While he maintains some nominal contact with his many, many brothers, his real familial tie is with his mother, the nagging Dalatrass Saelan, matriarch of a small but politically significant fiefdom on Sur’Kesh. Corl’s mother was able to see to his quick promotion to the ranks of STG at an unusually young age, even when considering his significant talents as an engineer. She has not forgiven him for blackening the family’s name by leaving the corps and the two exchange regular venomous holo-vids.

Saelan Corl

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