A Refugee from a Monastery


Sotiria is a relatively young Asari. She has kind eyes that, upon closer inspection, seemed built upon a very hard foundation.


Sotiria was a farmer’s daughter on the colony of Asteria. Nothing much exciting happened there, usually, except of course for the Batarian slave raid that killed or captured most of her family and put her in bondage.

She endured the horrors of captivity for a year before she finally came of age sufficiently to manifest her latent Ardat-Yakshi genetics. Suddenly the uses to which her captives put her were lethal for them, and the power she gained over them was intoxicating.

She killed her way free of the Batarians… and then kept on killing until a Justicar caught up with her and dragged her to the monastery on Lesuss. She aided Lachesis cell in destroying the monastery and those banshees still inside. To her knowledge, she is the only Ardat-Yakshi survivor of that monastery-colony.

She apparently has a history with Tessara Eris pre-dating her captivity, and demonstrates a genuine-seeming bond of affection for the other Asari. For her part, Tessara does not seem to be notably put out by close physical proximity to a “demon of the night wind.”


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