Urdnot Braga


Krogan Soldier

  • Cool -2
  • Hard +3
  • Hot +2
  • Sharp +1
  • Will +1

Krogan are tough bastards with multiple biological redundancies and thick armor plates. Krogan get +1 armor that cannot be removed, destroyed or lost.

Species Move

Blood Rage: Take -2 on all suffer harm rolls.

Class Move

Adrenaline Rush: When you go into battle, roll + Hard. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. On a miss, hold 1, but you come under concentrated fire for one tick (the clock does not advance). During the battle you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to:

  • Name an NPC within the reach of your weapon. You kill, disable or disarm them (GM’s choice)
  • Name a character within melee range. You redirect their attack to another character within your * reach, or else to nowhere – into the ground or a wall or the sky.
  • Name a character within your reach. While you keep fighting, you intercept any attack directed at them and they suffer no harm.
  • Ignore all harm to yourself from an incoming attack.

Carnage: In battle, you count as a gang (n-harm gang small, where n=harm of the weapon you’re holding). You retain your normal armor.

Armor-Piercing Ammo: Harm from the weapon adds the (ap) quality. You can only have one Ammo move attached to weapon at a time. Changing Ammo moves in mid-battle counts as acting under fire.

Personal Move

Battle-Hardened: When you act under fire, roll + Hard instead of roll + Cool

Contact Network: You have developed an extensive network of allies and contacts who can provide help or resources in a pinch. When you take this move, choose one:

  • Your contacts respect strength. Roll + Hard when contacting them.
    At the beginning of the session, or as soon thereafter as you are in a position to do so, you may contact your network and roll the appropriate stat. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold anytime during that session, 1 for 1, to:
  • Get something done: find one or more contacts to accomplish an off-screen task
  • Lean on someone: convince a character as if you’d rolled a 10+ on seduce or manipulate
  • Gather intel: learn something about a subject as if you’d rolled a 10+ on consult training
    *Analyze intel: gain access to the insight peripheral move for one course of action
  • Gather resources: gain resources, or an item worth resources, equal to hold spent. The resources or item arrives at the end of the session.
    On a miss, your network needs a favor in return. Lose access to this move until you satisfy them.

Fitness: Gain 2 new harm wedges at 7:00 and 8:00.

Starting Equipment:

  • M-8 Avenger assault rifle (3-harm close loud autofire)
  • M-23 Katana shotgun (3-harm close reload messy)
  • M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (2-harm close loud)
  • Heavy combat armor with shield generator (3-armor, 2-shields, heavy)
  • Bluewire Omni-tool

Like most Krogans, Braga didn’t have trouble finding work as a mercenary after leaving Tuchanka. Braga started out as an enforcer for the Nos Astra Lounge, one of Illium’s human brothels. Nos Astra’s Madam, Angela Shah, hired her mostly for the novelty of having a female Krogan around.

Unlike many females of the Weyrloc clan who were concerned solely with increasing Krogan births, Braga wanted to live off world. Besides, Braga knew she was infertile. Her decision to never return was made for her when clan Weyrloc began performing fatal experiments on her sisters in an attempt to cure them of the genophage.  When Braga’s cousin, Weyrloc Thrash, showed up in Illium offering credits for anyone who would help track her down, Angela told him Braga had left for Omega after getting fired for losing her temper with a client. Braga has been weary of any Krogan she runs into ever since.

While she doesn’t care much for working with humans either, she respects Angela. Nos Astra’s owner, Adam Fink, inherited the Lounge when his older (and more competent) brother Samuel disappeared. Because Adam only really involved himself with Nos Astra when he needed more money to fund his Hallex addiction, Angela had managed the brothel for several years entirely on her own. Nine months after Braga started working for Nos Astra, Adam discovered that Angela had been keeping a larger portion of the profits for herself and her subordinates than she let on. Adam tried unsucessfully (thanks to a few carefully placed gunshot wounds from Braga) to retake control of the lounge from Angela. The last she’d heard, Adam had fled Allium with the few thousand credits that he had left.

Urdnot Braga

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