Mass Effect - Apocalypse

A Disarming Situation

Lachesis Cell - Tuchanka / Aralakh System

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

  • Prepared for mission to secure and disarm Turian planet-cracker bomb. Studied and disseminated technical schematics and Turian military codes to squad.
  • Received Turian special forces squad led by Lt. Julian Corinthus, elder brother to Operative Fortuna Corinthus, and grandson of the Primarch.
  • Our squad and the Lt.’s squad crammed into a Cerberus kodiak shuttle still in our possession from previous boarding attempt. Plan:
    • Avoid ancient Krogan defensive ground-to-orbit cannon recently secured and reactivated by Cerberus by entering atmosphere outside the Kelphic valley, and flying in low under cannon’s targeting arc.
    • Utilize Cerberus codes via ADaM to avoid fire until we hit the ground site.
    • Clear ground site, utilize Primarch’s military clearance to de-activate bomb.
  • Plan hit complication. While entering Kelphic valley, Reaper Harvesters attacked.
  • Operative Tessara Eris opted to dive to use cover of ruins to shake harvesters. Ground to air fire in the ruins caused us to crash. Operative Eris most effective at minimizing crash damage.
  • Established ground presence. Our squad and Turian squad fought incoming waves of Reaper troops. Operative Corinthus disabled the one harvester who had followed us all the way down. Operative Eris and I repaired damaged Mass Effect thruster. Took significant radiation burns in process.
  • Despite wounds, squads retreated back into repaired shuttle. Operative Eris navigated us clear of the ruins.
  • As we approached bomb site, more than a dozen Cerberus shuttles departing in haste. Realized time was of essence.
  • Landed at bomb site. Faced a single Cerberus Atlas. Destroyed it.
  • Entered military codes. Cerberus had encrypted the system. Penetrated encryption easily. Mechanical failure in trigger release. Operative Prasi Ptychokota scaled the structure and manually released it. Operative Aldous Tyd prevented her from plummeting to her death with biotic field.
  • Bomb disarmed, dropped into excavated pit. As squad discussed how to retrieve it, were confronted by Galron Karmos, leader of about a dozen Krogan of Clan Galron. Operative Braga talked them out of immediate violence, pointed out bomb we had just disarmed, identified herself with “Urdnot” clan name.
  • Krogan noted age of bomb, inquired. Decided the time had come to smooth old wounds, informed them Turians had placed it.
  • Tensions between Krogan and our Turian squad escalated. I de-escalated with impassioned speech calculated to appeal to primitive Krogan sensibilities and Turian military honor. Allowed Clan Galron to take the bomb.
  • Our squads retreated into orbit, blending in with other fleeing Cerberus shuttles.
  • Once back aboard the Orpheus, Primarch Gaius Corinthus and Urdnot Wrex came aboard separately.
  • Operative Braga informed Wrex of bomb and current situation. Operative Corinthus did same for her grandfather. Two exchanged words, but seemed to reach an accord.
  • I went aboard Normandy at invitation of Dr. Mordin Solus. Had some loose ends, odd leads, speculation about Reaper involvement in Genophage development, noted intuitive similarities with Reaper-inspired plague spread by Collectors on Omega. Noted existence of Collectors implies long-term, covert Reaper involvement in the affairs of each cycle.
  • Spoke briefly with Liara T’soni. She noted that we still have a few days before genophage cure ready enough to begin discussing implementation. Asked as personal favor that we investigate monastery on planet Lesuss in the Mesana system. Asari commando squad apparently vanished investigating lack of communication with monastery.
  • Discussion with crew revealed hints about the danger of the inhabitants of this monastery. Apparently residents suffer from “Ardat-Yakshi” genetic mutation. This revelation significantly rattled Operative Eris who appears to have a nearly superstitious dread of “Ardat-Yakshi.”
  • I bolstered Operative Eris’ courage with sage medical advice. Plotting course for Lesuss now.


“Decided the time had come to smooth old wounds, informed them Turians had placed it.”


A Disarming Situation

Heh. Yeah. The incredulous looks on the faces of the other players as Saelan just straight up tells the Krogan what’s up was hilarious :)

A Disarming Situation

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