Mass Effect - Apocalypse


The Citadel

“Glyph, start recording personal log entry.”

of course Dr. T’Soni

“I admit to some concern, perhaps even trepidation at putting eleven diverse, strong personalities in the same room together. These worries were almost immediately borne out as Operative Fortuna Corinthus almost immediately goaded her cell-leader ”/characters/saelan-corl" class=“wiki-content-link”>Saelan Corl into brandishing a device that Atropos Cell’s Sebastian Murphy interpreted as a bomb. With tensions running high after the attempted coup and fears of indoctrination everywhere, he threw himself onto Saelan. Only the swift intercession of Prasi Ptychokota and Atropos cell’s leader Dariserix Bahktian defused the situation."

“I introduced the two cells, and they introduced each other. Things were a little bit awkward, but soon they began sharing stories as soldiers will do, a bit of bragging, no small amount of overt mockery and bravado, a good deal of crudity. Some tried to keep the conversation on the topic of Intel-sharing on the Reapers, others swapped stories of sexual and combat prowess. Secrets were casually spilled that would have rocked the Citadel to its core if I hadn’t taken precautions to ensure that the conference room we were using was surveillance-tight. Doubtless Saelan and Lia’Danna noticed the software scrubbers that gated any and all omni-tool data that entered or left the room. The only such data was the strange quasi-flirtations of Fortuna and the Blackwatch operative, Gaius Severus, who guards her grandfather the Primarch. Other minor communications were also permitted without alteration.”

“The primary data I wished aired was Atropos cell’s interactions with the mysterious species that created the Reapers and the Cycles, and the insights into what they want and why they do what they do. I also wanted Lachesis cell to share what they knew of the Banshees, and the Ardat-Yakshi. Aside from that, any pretense that this was a business meeting evaporated rapidly, which was all well and good. Both cells had been through a lot, both deserved to be lauded by the entire Citadel as heroes for what they had done. A chance to spend a few hours with food, drink, and the freedom to speak openly about their accomplishments was about the best I could arrange.”

“This also served as a chaotic albeit informative introduction for Operative Daphne Asada to her new squad, as well as to the stakes for which we’re all fighting. I think she may have been a bit overwhelmed to be the presence of so much concentrated history. These two cells have accomplished more in just the last few months than centuries of war and diplomacy. Only the Reapers could motivate a galaxy to cure the genophage, or unite the Quarians and the Geth. We are in an existential war, and if we do not accomplish the impossible, we are all dead.”

“It’s a shame that Operative Tessara Eris, Shepard, and ”/characters/kaidan-alenko" class=“wiki-content-link”>Kaidan Alenko were still too wounded to participate. I also have some concern for the disappearance of Aldous Tyd. I’ll have agents looking for him. Stilll, the evening was a qualified success. The danger of a cell-based structure is that cells can become insular and strange. Lachesis cell in particular has developed a very odd internal culture that seems to work for them, but can be easily misinterpreted by others. I had to personally remonstrate with Fortuna to stop overtly insulting and provoking her supposed squad leader in front of everyone. It’s good for such cells to occasionally interact with others with whom they share a bond of service, and can speak openly without measuring their words and their secrets."

“And now I’m sending them out once more. I admit to a very personal interest in Atropos cell’s next mission. I have to maintain dispassion. I know, logically, that Thessia will fall. The Reapers will inevitably attack, and with so many forces holding the line at Palaven, we cannot resist. Still, there are things there… secrets… that will need to be preserved. I will weep for Thessia when the war is won. Lachesis cell’s mission is less personal to me, but more disturbing in some ways. Urdnot Wrex tells me of strange reports coming from the vicinity of the Rachni relay. The Rachni queen on Noveria strongly implied that the original Rachni war was orchestrated by the Reapers. If they used the Rachni as soldiers once, they can do it again… and Shepard freed the queen.”

“Members of both squads have volunteered to sit with Shepard and Alenko. They urge me to sleep. I know I need to sleep. It’s hard, though. It’s difficult sometimes knowing so much…”

“Glyph… that’s enough. Stop recording.”

of course Dr. T’Soni



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