Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Evacuation of Benning

Atropos Cell - Benning

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


With the help of the Normandy’s AI, EDI, Operative Lia’Danna vas Rayya concluded initial construction of our new shipboard AI and we installed it aboard the Twilight. She has named it Zael’Danna nar Twilight and it seems to be settling in reasonably well. It has disconcerted the new squad of Quarian marines that now serve aboard our vessel under Operative Tori’Xen vas Alarei, and its presence has not been uniformly comfortable even for the non-Quarians, but thus far it seems more of an advantage than a danger.

We turned our attention to Benning, a human colony that Operative Sebastian Murphy had learned was being predated upon by Cerberus in the wake of the Reaper destruction of Arcturus Station. Benning was left unharmed by the Reapers in their initial push for Earth, but in the weeks spent tracking down the Leviathan, rescuing Javik from Eden Prime, and other priorities, it appeared we turned our attention to Benning just as the Reapers were doing the same.

We arrived in-system and noted three Reaper-destroyers playing a game of tactical maneuvering with a small Alliance battle-group consisting of three cruisers and a handful of frigates. The battle-group was led by Captain Ellen Murphy of the SSV John Paul Jones. Since it was Captain Murphy’s superior who had initially alerted Operative Sebastian Murphy to Benning’s troubles, it was not too surprising to see that she had been delegated to lead the evacuation effort.

A tactical analysis indicated that the Reapers had taken up position above Benning’s capitol and industrial centers while Captain Murphy was evacuating colonists by shuttle in the other parts of the planet occluded from direct Reaper fire. It was also clear that she would be unable to break free from planetary orbit without coming under Reaper fire unless some sort of distraction was provided. We contacted Captain Murphy and she indicated two clusters of high-priority human refugees in the capitol of the colony, currently unreachable by her own extraction teams. Our stealth capability allowed for a strike force in that area. In evaluating the refugees, we opted to attempt to rescue a number of Benning’s political leaders and their families from a bunker underneath the main administration building. They included Alan Rieken, Benning’s Alliance Parliamentary representative, and one of the few leaders left to humanity.

We made a touch-and-go drop-off and, with Tori’Xen’s new squad, and Javik, we fought our way through the administration building to the bunker through an assortment of twisted Reaper creatures. We then opted to fight our way to the roof so that the Twilight could do a direct pick-up via the cargo-bay doors. Thanks to the use of biotic barriers by Operative Aleksandr Davidson and Operative Thesalia Kyrathis, as well as the quick rescue work of Operative Lia’Danna, all of the refugees made it safely to the Twilight.

Unfortunately, we lost one of our Quarian marines, Dan’Reegar vas Tonbey. Also, our shuttle pilot Hela Loriss died distracting a Reaper harvester from the evacuation in the shuttle.

As we departed the planet, one of the three Reaper destroyers was descending onto the capitol. We realized this represented Captain Murphy’s fleet’s only viable escape option. The SSV John Paul Jones engaged the other two Reaper destroyers while the remaining Alliance ships with their refugees fled for the mass relay. We departed with them. Although we did not see the destruction of the John Paul Jones, it was clear that Captain Murphy did not expect to survive the engagement, and it is unlikely that she did so. I am attaching the scan data of the engagement receive just prior to FTL.

We will drop the refugees off at the Citadel. Senator Rieken will be of value to the human refugees there, and may provide something of a political counterbalance to Councilor Udina.

Dariserix Bahktian



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