Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Omega's Eezo

Atropos Cell - Alingon / Omega

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Officer: Dariserix Bahktian, Squad Leader, Atropos Cell, Captain of the Twilight

Routed via Operative Circe T’Siri


As per your instructions, we delivered Dr. T’soni to the facility on Alingon. We met your peer Feron and some of the people under his command, and transferred her to his care. Per your further instructions, we proceeded to Omega to secure the shipment of Eezo that the Council was promised so that we can accelerate development of the Crucible project, hopefully before the Reapers attack the Citadel.

We arrived in the vicinity of Omega and noticed some captured Cerberus ships, including a large cruiser named the Elbrus. Our AI ascertained that there was another AI aboard the Elbrus seemingly engaged in covert ECM and hacking on every ship that came into the vicinity.

We made dock and were approached by a human named Helena Blake. As you subsequently indicated, she is an associate of our network, and we set up a meeting for later. We entered Afterlife and met with our former squadmate Tyler Maddox who is now, apparently, the right-hand man of Aria T’Loak. Aria herself seemed suitably willing to cooperate, but informed us that during Cerberus’ occupation, they over-worked the mining equipment, which was offline for repairs. The stockpiles of Eezo that Cerberus had built up had been looted by various groups during the fight to reclaim the station. She identified three gangs that possessed enough of that stockpile that, if all three were seized, would fill our needs. She promised to handle one of them for us.

The first of the two we handled belonged to a gang called the Talons. Apparently, they had previously been under the leadership of Nyreen Kandros, a Turian I’d heard of before from my days in the Cabals. It appears she died in the last stages of the fight to recover the station, and now her younger brother Nimmor Kandros was running the gang. They were allies of Aria, so we opted for a diplomatic approach. As I already reported, we were able to convince Nimmor to part with his Eezo stockpiles, and in exchange we, through you, arranged delivery of a former Blue Suns cruiser for their use. They seemed suitably pleased with the trade.

We then had our meeting with Blake. She revealed that she had been hanging on to some specimens that she’d been meaning to deliver to the Shadow Broker but hadn’t had the opportunity during the occupation. We took custody of the dead Adjutant, the Collector plague samples, and other items, ultimately passing them on to those within the Network who brought the ship for the Talons.

Finally, we assaulted the headquarters of the Blue Suns on Omega with the aid of a Krogan named Jorgal Nask. Apparently he’d been developing a plan of attack for Aria, and was perfectly content to have us along instead. We utilized concealed access tunnels to burst into the base past their defenses. I accompanied Tori’Xen and his squad to the base’s shuttle bay with the aim of securing it against Blue Suns reinforcements while the rest of the squad assaulted central Command and Control, and Jorgal Nask with a pack of Vorcha kept the assault mechs off our backs. The Blue Suns leader, Donner Vosk, assaulted the squad in at Atlas mech scavenged from Cerberus, but didn’t last long. He proved to ultimately be a coward, and was captured unharmed. The rest of the Blue Suns in the facility, however, were not so fortunate.

I regret to report that we lost one member, Daphne Asada. She unleashed dramatic amounts of biotic power against the entrenched Blue Suns, but was ultimately gunned down. We will deliver her remains to Alliance authorities when we drop the Eezo off at the Crucible project.

We handed Vosk over to Aria, who provided us the remaining third of what we needed. Our hold is now full of a fortune of Eezo, enough to power a small fleet for a decade. Hopefully it proves enough to get the Crucible project up to speed.




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