Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Sour Yellow Songs

Lachesis Cell - Eagle Nebula / Citadel

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Origin ID: Saelan Corl

Recipient: Feron, Alingon

  • Rendezvoused with Orpheus as it was en-route back from Utukku and mission.
  • Briefed on Rachni queen. Communicated to queen via Operative Tessara Eris
  • Queen indicated rudimentary knowledge of Prothean cycle, including Prothean attempt to build Crucible, volunteered
  • Studied data procured from Binary Helix lab on Noveria, biological and genetic construction of Rachni species obviously artificial, posit Prothean genetically-engineered bio-weapon.
    • Capable of refining advanced materials through biological processes
    • Capable of surviving vacuum
    • Seed queen eggs in derelict vessels as survival mechanism, eggs can remain dormant for millenia
    • Transmitted ancestral memory, theoretical capacity to communicate over immense distances. (see thesis on biological QEC by Dr. Anneliese Bryson)
  • Reported all of above, suggested proposal to Crucible project. Require Crucible construction to be accelerated to meet Reaper threat against Citadel.
  • Rendezvoused with Systems Alliance Admiral Steven Hackett. Briefed him. Introduced him to queen.
  • Facilitated negotiations. Difficult decision, to accept method of completing Crucible in time but to risk exposing it to Reaper indoctrinated Rachni. Hackett ultimately swayed by personal testimony and experiences of Operative Tessara
  • Reaper signals detected in system. Determined that Reapers capable of tracking queen via implants
  • Engaged in three day surgical exercise to remove implants while Hackett’s flagship and the Orpheus evaded concerted attempts to capture us.
  • With your help, dissuaded Operative Braga from becoming another drone of the Rachni queen.
  • Transferred Queen, as well as Operative Tessara Eris and our passenger, Sotiria, to Hackett’s command.
  • Returned to Citadel to deliver surviving members of Aralakh Squad.
  • Operative Fortuna Corinthus made contact with old wartime compatriot, “Decimus Septim,” claims knowledge of location of The Illusive Man.
  • Will follow up and keep you informed.



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