Mass Effect - Apocalypse

Wail of the Banshee

Lachesis Cell - Lesuss

Shadow broker
Encryption Protocols Engaged

Reporting Operative: Prasi Ptychokota

Receiving Agent: Feron, Alingon

This report is sent via normal channels to supplement the verbal report provided to Dr. Liara T’soni of the Normandy. It is a summary only, as a full eidetic recall of events would require too much QEC bandwidth. Feel free to inquire if any details need elaboration.

Squad Leader Saelan Corl was required to aid Dr. Mordin Solus and others in formulation of the final stages of the genophage cure and so I was placed in charge of this quick side-mission to the Asari colony world of Lesuss. We had been asked to look into the disappearance of an Asari commando squad “as a personal favor” by Dr. T’soni.

Our personal information led us to believe that Lesuss was the home of a particular monastery where those afflicted with a rare Asari genetic defect were kept, far from the view of the rest of the galaxy. These “Ardat-Yakshi” are apparently dangerous enough to justify a full commando response when the monastery’s communications failed.

We arrived at Lesuss and saw no significant settlements or structures aside from the monastery.


While the monastery’s power sources appeared intact, power was cut to the entire facility. The size of the facility suggested a maximum habitable capacity of around ten thousand Asari. Operative Braga found an old Asari contact who provided some blueprints of other Asari structures of similar aesthetic to provide us with at least a loose understanding of how to navigate the complex.

We attempted to hail the facility and got no immediate response. We took a shuttle to the landing pad and noticed the Asari commando shuttle there, cold and silent. The front door to the facility was slightly ajar. Initial investigation revealed a vestibule leading to an elevator, suggesting that this monastery doubles as something like a prison. There was a single dead commando. We ascertained that she had been responsible for locking down the power and the elevator. We entered their shuttle and found communications records revealing that they had arrived with large amounts of explosives and orders to destroy the entire monastery if it could not be secured. Their communications records revealed Reaper troops infesting the facility. They then heard a disconcerting wailing sound and serious combat operations ensued. Communications were shortly thereafter cut.

As we discussed whether or not to investigate further, a weak signal made it out of the monastery to our orbiting ship. ADaM patched it through to us. It was an Asari who called herself Sotiria. She claimed to be a resident of the monastery, and claimed that a friend of hers, Falere, was trying to make her way to the Great Hall to set off the commando bomb, but had not reported back. Sotiria reported that the Reapers had harvested the inhabitants and turned them into monsters, but that only a fraction of the monsters remained at the facility.

Upon hearing the name “Sotiria”, Operative Tessara Eris made her determined way to the disabled elevator and prepared to enter the monastery with or without the rest of us. We decided that finding this bomb and either extracting or detonating it lest the Reaper monsters within make use of it was worth attempting.

We infiltrated the dark facility and almost immediately lost contact with the Orpheus, and therefore with our local guide. My new Varren was quite useful in helping us navigate. We found a number of dead commandos, but encountered no enemies at first. Eventually we arrived in a gallery where there was an ongoing battle. A small squad of Reaper “cannibals” along with a “marauder” had cornered an Asari who was holding them off with biotic barriers. We made short work of the Reaper minions and met Sotiria face to face. She indicated that once we lost contact, she came out of hiding to try to find us. She and Tessara clearly knew each other and seemed glad to see one another, although mission urgency kept reunion sentiment to a minimum. Sotiria offered to lead us to the Great Hall.

Just before the Great Hall, we entered a large chamber Sotiria called the Promenade. There were large numbers of Reaper minions here, and it was here that we first encountered the results of the Reapers’ work on the local Ardat-Yakshi. I append here a still-image from the one who nearly killed Operative Fortuna Corinthus.


We fought off those forces and made our way to the Great Hall. It appeared empty. We saw the bomb at the far end upon a dais surrounded by Asari commando corpses. An Asari that Sotiria recognized as her friend Falere was slumped against the bomb, apparently still alive, but unconscious. I sent my Varren in to investigate while we maintained cautious alertness near the elevator door. The Varren brought Falere to awareness, and she started calling to us to flee. At this point it was clear that, if this was a trap, the enemy was fully aware of our presence. We tactically advanced with Operative Fortuna set up position near the elevator.

I discovered that the bomb’s detonator had not been fully installed, but that Falere held the trigger mechanism. She gladly gave it up while she and Sotiria had a brief reunion. In mid embrace, however, Falere’s eyes went black and she placed her hand around Sotiria’s neck. Operative Tessara and Operative Fortuna needed no further provocation to end Falere’s life. This appeared to shock Sotiria somewhat, but there was no time for discussion. At that point the Great Hall was swarmed with these “banshee” creatures.

I rapidly finished the installation of the detonator and we fought our way to the elevator which Operative Fortuna had restored to operation. Although riding an elevator in a combat situation is not optimal, speed was of the essence. We evacuated the facility and flew the shuttle to a minimum safe distance before destroying the entire building.

We saw to our wounds and returned to the Aralakh system to report to Dr. T’soni. As far as she is concerned, no Ardat-Yakshi survived what happened at the monastery. I see no reason to disagree with her.




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