Now that you’ve selected your Species and your Class, think about the sort of person you are. Washed up N7 Soldier? Former Blood-Pack mercenary? Ex-nightclub-dancer? The GM will assign you a Special Move appropriate to your personality and motivation. Here is a list of questions that might help.

  • Were you born on your homeworld or a colony? Raised planet-side or on a ship or station?
  • Who are your family? Which of them, if any, are still alive?
  • Did you have it hard growing up or did you live an ordinary life?
  • What prompted you to leave civilian life for a life of violence and danger?
  • Who trained you? A formal military? Mercenary company? School of Hard Knocks?
  • Who funded your weapons/biotic implants/tech toys?

Now that you’ve thought about your origins a bit, what brings you to your current state?

  • What organization were you most recently a part of before joining the Shadow Broker?
  • Are you still pretending to be a part of that organization?
  • What did the Broker do to secure your allegiance? Timely information of personal value? Blackmail? Saved someone close to you? Fund and train you since birth?
  • And the hardest question of all… What is your name?

Now that you’ve thought of your history, what about your motivations?

  • What do you care about? What, or who do you love?
  • What would you die for? Something practical or an ideal?
  • What is your secret pain? The damage you hide from everyone else?

If you include enough interesting background ties to your character, you could even earn a free Advance.


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